Our Services

The key to an effective event conference is the speaker’s ability to communicate their message clearly, and that the Q&A session is conducted without a hitch. ViaVid Operators will ensure that the host or moderator receives all the assistance they need before, and during the call. Add to this, ViaVid’s best-of-breed technology and dependable network, and you are as sured of flawless conferencing, always.

ViaVid’s Automated Conferencing gives you the power to quickly initiate scheduled and on-demand calls at anytime from anywhere in the world, without operator assistance. Easy to set up and use, Automated Audio Conferencing provides a convenient and cost-effective communications tool that is supported by a dependable network, architecture flexibility, and, if necessary, instant access to an operator.

With our in-house staff of transcribers, ViaVid is ready to transcribe your conference call into a word document in either our standard, or a custom format. ViaVid’s transcripts are priced per page, or per minute for simple-to-understand pricing.